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Since we are on our way t在这里 next year I thought it would be a good idea to give you a little more information about our destination. The Basque Country sits on the Bay of Biscay, mostly in Spain but also in France as you can see on the map above. We’ll spend the majority of our time on the 西班牙语 side but will head over to France on the final full day of our trip for a visit to Biarritz and Saint Jean de Luz. It’s a special place for me because I lived and worked t在这里 for a couple of years as a recent college graduate. 我写这篇文章的时候才43岁, 那是一段时间以前的事了, 但是,地理, cuisine and the culture of the Basque Country left an indelible impression on me. I am thankful for those 经验s and welcome the opportunity to share this special place with my fellow travelers.

The Basque country is known as one of the greatest food destinations in the world and we’ll get to that in a minute, 但首先我们来谈谈地理, which is one of the things that makes this place so unique. Think about green mountains that come nearly right up to the coast. 海岸线布满了岩石, but in between the rocks you have some amazing beaches, and you’ll find a few of them in 圣塞巴斯蒂安 proper. Add to that some haystack mountains in the bay and you get what looks like a mini Rio de Janiero, complete with the Christ statue overlooking the city. 著名的 卡米诺·德·圣地亚哥 has many variations but one of them runs right along the Basque coast and right through the city of 圣塞巴斯蒂安. We’ll spend an afternoon out on the trail for those who wish to join the hike.

他们说西班牙语吗?? 是的. Everyone in the Basque country speaks 西班牙语 but they also speak their own language that they call Euskera. In 英语 we call it Basque and in 西班牙语 瓦斯科.

身为巴斯克人意味着什么? 这是一个复杂的bt365全程担保. Basque people have been t在这里 since before Spain was Spain and France was France. They’ve been t在这里 for so long that people are still trying to figure out w在这里 they came from. Academics have their theories but nothing has been proven to date. Basque people are most proud by their heritage, 他们的文化, 他们的语言, 他们对大海的热爱, 和他们的美食.

圣塞巴斯蒂安, w在这里 we will spend the majority of our time, was once a summer playground for 西班牙语 Aristocrats, and is now an international culinary mecca. T在这里 are more Michelin starred restaurants per capita than anyw在这里 else on the planet and this love for everything food trickles down into every corner bar and restaurant throughout the city. It’s nearly impossible to find something bad to eat t在这里. A typical night out in 圣塞巴斯蒂安 means moving from bar to bar or restaurant to restaurant, 吃 pintxos and drinking a small glass of beer, wine or cider. 有些人比较 pintxos to tapas but to me and most Basque people, they are so much more. One of the most fun parts about taking people to 圣塞巴斯蒂安 is be with them for their first pintxo 经验, when they see all of the food elegantly displayed on the bar like a myriad of tiny works of art on plates. The locals grab them at will and then tell the bartender what they ate before they pay and leave. Tourists take a plate around and pick a few at a time. 我可以吃 pintxos every day of my life and have no complaints. While we are t在这里 we’ll even make our own pintxos 在主厨的监督下. We’ll then be served our own creations in his restaurant with wine pairings.

吃饭的时候 pintxos you don’t want a lot to drink because you plan to move on to the next place after a bite or two. Two of the more common beverages are a young white wine called Txakoli and a hard cider that is much more acidic than it is sweet. 我们将参观一个 Txakoli 酒庄在旅途中. Both are poured from a height into a glass to create an effervescent effect by bartenders with years of practice. If you don’t like wine or cider you can always order a tiny beer called a zurito or a glass of red wine that costs less than water in the U.S. 不喜欢喝酒? 然后试一试 mosto or white grape juice served with an olive and an orange slice.

好吧,那天气呢? The weather is a constant topic of discussion among local residents because it’s so unpredictable but in general October is a great time to visit. 夏季的人潮已经平静下来了, it’s still warm both in the day and at night, 而且应该有充足的阳光.

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