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Summer is winding down but who says it has to be the end of your adventures? Fall is the perfect time to shake up routines 和 make good on that resolution to learn a new language or revisit one you studied long ago.

When adults embark on language studies, they tend to over-focus on mastering grammar 和 memorizing vocabulary words. While these aspects are important, they are only part of the recipe for success.

Here are 5 tips to inspire your journey 和 give you a well-rounded T-A-S-T-E of what learning a new language 和 culture can be at its best.




It’s often one of the hardest things for language students to do but also the most necessary. As you start to learn your new language, look for opportunities to practice. You may be surprised at what you can find locally or online from 谈话时间文化组织 to meetup.com 组织和 杂货店. Look for the 设置 that makes you most comfortable or try a few options. The more you speak, the easier it will become 和 the more confidence you will build over time. Don’t be discouraged if you make mistakes or don’t know how to say everything you want to yet; each time you try can be a great opportunity to learn 和 improve.




It’s OK not to know everything. 去问吧! A native speaker or a language teacher can be great resources. 网站 wordreference.com 关于.com are also helpful places to look when something is unclear. Chances are you’re not the first person stumped by what you’ve heard, read or seen. Jot down new phrases or cultural questions when they pop up 和 investigate them at a convenient time. Your own curiosity is an essential tool for discovering key aspects of a new language 和 culture.



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是的, you do need to put in some time learning the nuts 和 bolts of grammar, building your vocabulary or refreshing your memory. Find the methods that work best for you. 你在学校学得最好吗 集团 设置? 你更像一个 一对一的 学习者? Maybe you prefer doing things on your own — watching foreign movies in their original language, 听 to new music from abroad, or reading the daily news in the foreign press. (Click here for 7 Awesome 网站s & Apps for Foreign Language Learners.)  Variety can be the key to sustaining your interest 和 helping you progress in all aspects of communication, 即说话, 听, 阅读和写作.




If you have the opportunity, by all means do it! 旅行 can be one of the best sources of inspiration. It’s where you get to put your language skills 和 new knowledge into practice. It focuses your efforts while you’re in the preparatory stages 和 can be life-changing when you actually do it. You gain knowledge 和 insight in an all-encompassing way — opening your eyes to a different language 和 culture in the most immediate 和 personal ways. Without fail, travel also changes the way you see your own culture, language 和 traditions. So go ahead plan that vacation, go study abroad, or look for work in a foreign country. 它是值得的.



Even if you can’t afford to travel, you can still voyage around the globe. So much of a culture is transmitted through its cuisine 和 mealtime customs. Check out a local restaurant with a menu inspired by the country or culture you are discovering. Or try a new recipe at home. Cookbooks are often rich with details on traditional ingredients, daily habits 和 meaningful celebrations.

Here’s hoping these tips will leave your mouth watering for more! Now, go out there 和 dive in.

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